viernes, 25 de junio de 2010


deep why are you always making me sad

-i dont know , maybe because its my time and yours not

but why ?

-i dont know susan i dont know maybe because you live in this Big Bag Of Hope! , thinking a solution is always gonna fall out of the sky! , let me tell you something susan , Hope is a waste of time , and i dont like wasting time

deep please dont yell at me we are in a hospital...

-O!! where in a hospital deep! thats all you say now well susan i yell what i want !!!!
hear that everybody!!!i have cancer hahahah and it cant be cured and in four days i will die and let my two children without a father and problaly she will die when i leave her because there is no HOPE! YOU HEAR THAT. NO HOPE!!!

Mr.deep your cancer has dissapeared in matter of days congratulations.......

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