viernes, 10 de septiembre de 2010

burn it to the ground

-Hey john
-tequilla ?
-yeah sure..
-here ''ya'' go
-bad day ?
-yep ( as he drinks from a shot the tequilla )
john took his sight to another part of the bar , and looked right into the mirror that was behind the bar man
-Jake....have you ever thinked what your life is without the bar ? ( he looked at the barman clean the glass with a white piece of cloth.)
-No , john ... have you ever thinked of your life without alchohol?
-sorry...i didnt mean to... sorry i was to rude ... no i never have thinked of that the only things i have are this bar and my harley...and as i can see you have one too ...huh ?
-...yep....i was thinking of life in the road...
they started to drink outside on their motorcycles .. looking at the stars and the burning breeze of the desert sinking into their bones..
-john......wait here
-ok jake...
-lets go....(as he hopped on the motorcycle)
-and your bar ? what will you do with it...?
-Burn It To The Ground...
as the bar exploded on their back , john seemed surprised , jake let go a smile , as they where swallowed into the highway.

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